Make your own compost bin

To save money we are trying to make as much as possible ourselves. This coming weekend I will be making a storage box for our tools (We aren’t allowed a shed on our plot), but last weekend I constructed my compost bin. With a bit of muscle and squashed toes we did it!

There are a few different ways you can tackle a compost bin, but the best results have been the ones built using wooden pallets. These are good because they are normally hardwood so will last longer, and are well constructed as they have to take a lot of weight.

Ideally if you can get hold of a pallet with sides it makes it a lot easier, but you can use flat pallets too. Your best bet to find pallets are to pop down to a local builders merchant or nursery. They tend to have an abundance of pallets lying around as they can’t use them all, so you will normally be able to take them for free.

This guide is based on pallets with sides.


Step 1

Source your pallets. You will need two for this. Don’t worry if it comes with bits of plastic or other material on it, it doesn’t need to be spotless! You want to get two pallets of the same style so they will sit on top of one another comfortably.

Image 1


Step 2

Find bits of wood to place in the bottom of the pallet. It doesn’t have to be a perfect fit, and can overlap. It gives the compost a base, so when you come to putting waste in or turning it over there are no holes for it to fall through.

Image 2


Step 3

With the second pallet remove its base. Use any tools you feel will do the job. We used a saw, claw hammer and crowbar. Most pallets will take a bit of elbow grease to remove the bottom, but they should come off as one lump. Try and leave it so there are a couple of strands of wood overhanging. This will help connect the two pallets when you put this one on top of the other. Also check for any nails left, as you don’t want any potential for catching yourself on them.

Once you’ve removed the bottom then depending on the final height of your compost bin cut away a bit of a door. We did this for ours as the bin would have been too tall to make it accessible.

Image 3


Step 4

Place the pallets on top of one another. It’s up to you whether you secure them to one another with screws or not. We haven’t done this at the moment as it means we can lift the top pallet off when we want to gain access and while the compost is low the top pallet isn’t needed.

Image 4

A compost bin can be a very easy and cheap thing to make for your allotment. Be inventive and use any materials you find. If you’ve made compost bins using other methods let me know and I can share it with other people.

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