We found gold!!

IMG_0957On our allotment we briefly shared a small section with the previous tenants while their winter crops were finishing. They fully moved out a couple of months ago but we hadn’t got round to weeding and turning the soil over in that section until last week.

Up till now we have come across a few potatoes while turning the soil over, but otherwise it has just been weeds. Little did we know that there was a rogue vegetable growing away unnoticed. On digging up the last few weeds I came across a weed that was fighting, so I got my fork to dig it out, and a parsnip popped out! We ended up with a dozen parsnips which because they had been left in the ground  longer then they normally would have were huge!

So keep digging because you never know what you will find!


Edited by Laboro Makreting Solutions http://www.laboromarketingsolutions.com


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