Let’s Not Waste The Courgette Flowers

Always a fan of the courgette flowers and this is a really nice way to make a meal of them

The Botanical Kitchen

I have a confession to make.  The real reason I grow courgettes at the allotment is because of the flowers. There is something magical about these and my excitement and utter joy at seeing them for the first time each year never abates.  They peek through the foliage and just take make me swell with pride.

courgette flowers Sunny yellow flowers peeking trhough the foliage

I have learned to be patient when picking them.  Too early and they will be too small to stuff properly.  Too late and their golden curls with be tainted and brown. Each variety brings challenges and this year I have learned that our small, long yellow variety produces smaller flowers than the globe green variety so harvesting has been a juggling act.

courgette flowers Curled courgette blossoms

Preparing the flowers for eating

They are not difficult to prepare for eating. Use a curved knife to take them off the…

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