The attack of Hurricane Bertha!

On Sunday we thought if the rain doesn’t hit we’ll go down to the allotment. Of course in the morning Bertha had her say! And by the afternoon it cleared up but by that point we were off doing something else. It wasn’t until Tuesday we went down to the allotment not thinking that the winds would have done any damage, a bit naive on our behalf perhaps!

Our sweetcorn has remained strong, bar one slightly leaning, and our broad bean cage also remained strong. However, our runner beans had taken the hit. Luckily they hadn’t¬†completely fallen¬†over, and for now we have temporarily attached it to our broad bean cage to give them height. The problem we have is that the runner beans have grown around everything so we can’t pull it about too much! It should all hold for now, and we did still get a good crop of them.