Being part of your allotments community

To succeed in your allotment, it is important to not make it a fortress and keep people out. Being part of the allotment community is beneficial for everyone. You can help people who are perhaps less abled or just need an extra pair of hand to put that mesh up. People will also be willing to help you out, whether physically or advice on what works on the site and certain techniques.


Friends & Family

Get your friends and family involved too. Don’t necessarily get them to do all your work but get them to help pick a few peas and beans, or like me promise them a beer and deck chair to sit and relax on during a summer’s evening!


Working parties

We recently took part in our first allotment working party. It’s where the committee set up a day where they get as many members as possible to come along and do a few of the community chores. At our last one I helped put up some rabbit fencing. There was also a bonfire and some edging up of the communal paths.

These are all chores that are essential to the running of the allotment so it’s nice to have a part in it, and it also gets you to meet other members you wouldn’t normally see.¬†Once the season is in full flow they occur once a month, but you don’t have to attend every one if you can’t and it isn’t for the full day.


Social events

A few times across the year our committee organises events to get the members together. We haven’t been to one yet but I hear most of them occur in a pub! All sorts can be organised, ranging from christmas meals to BBQ’s on the allotment. If you are not part of the committee do still put ideas forward.


It is a hobby

Remember most importantly that this is a hobby. I know at times when you are pulling out weeds and digging over it feels more like a chore, but the results you get are worth it. Think about enjoying those carrots and potatoes that you lovingly took care of, roasting in the oven with a nice side of roast beef. Or a wonderful summer salad to go along with all that BBQ’ed meat! So make sure you remember to enjoy yourself once all the hard work is done with!


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